Sunday, July 13, 2014

A little bit of my Taiwan life

Turns out I was such a paranoid. Though the big boss (architect) is kind of hot-tempered, but as we, insignificant interns are not directly supervised under him, so his temper doesn't really bother us. Despite the boss, all colleagues are so friendly. I am not sure whether is it common in Taiwan society that people are well-mannered or is it just me being lucky. 

Have a peek at the company I work in~~

Besides the people, safety is another reason I enjoy doing internship in Taiwan so much. I love how I can walk to any place alone, even in night time, as it is so safe compared to Malaysia! I am staying alone (though I have housemates but... well I am the only Malaysian in my house and my company) and most time I will be alone to buy things, walk to work, have dinner etc. And I can just enjoy being alone without having to worry about robbers.

When to Taichung last weekends, had a lot of fun with TZ, Caiyin and Cyan. 
 Went there by train~ So this is Taichung Train Station. A historical building I guess?

 Went to the famous Feng Jia Night Market, a nice place to shop on weekday. Unfortunately we went on weekend. Hell lot of people I see nothing but humans... and pet dogs. It was fun though, but I believe it would be lot more fun if it was weekday and I had more cash in my pocket.

 Gao Mei Wetland. I once thought it was something like a beach but turned out.... no it was literally a mere wetland, couldn't find any sea there. It was more like a sunken land that had no value cause crops won't grow and developers won't build houses there then the owner of the land suddenly came out with a brilliant idea of making it a tourism spot...

 The Luce Memorial Chapel! Well, as architectural students(cough cough), of course we would find any opportunity to visit iconic buildings. The form is very simple, pure and elegant, and the reason behind it was clear, symbolised the religion and showed the mightiness of god, etc. Alright, run out of word to describe this building already. So thats it.
And spotted people practicing choir in the chapel! So excited to see that!! Joining choir was one of the best part of my life (although I had already left choir so many years ago, and the choir in UPM is simply... completely different from a real choir)!

 We planned to leave Taichung before dinner. Then unexpectedly... train tickets almost sold out. What left was 末班车, meant by the time I reached Kaohsiung it would be midnight already!! Like usual, kept imagining all horrible situations that were gonna happen when I went back alone...... of course I was being paranoid again. Still in one piece so far!

This weekends... just stay at home, surfing internet and reading comics. I meant to save money since tak dapat gaji yet, however.... staying at home doesn't seem to work for reducing spending. Cause I had spent quite an amount of money on... GROCERY. Plus me being clumsy again and broke my housemate's rice pot.

Monday, June 30, 2014

It starts tomorrow.......

Will starts working tomorrow! Never been an intern before, super nervous seriously!!

What if the colleagues give me cold shoulder?
What if their expectation is higher than what i am capable of?
What if they treat me as an "office girl" that I have no chance to involve in design work?
What if........

Oh gosh I can't stop worrying!!

Hopefully my internship will be.... I DON'T KNOW! WHAT I CAN IMAGINE NOW ARE ALL THE BAD SCENARIOS!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


来到台湾了!老实说.... 很闲... 搬好家什么的就等着开工罢了,想出去逛街,但缴了租金和押金后口袋大出血,加上独自一个人出街也很没趣,这几天都呆房里看书漫画小说电影..... 宅得要死!

之前都好忙,忙了那么长一段时间,突然闲下来好心虚啊.... 那么多空闲时间,也就一样多的罪恶感...

人啊好矛盾,每天呆在同样的熟悉的地方时心就老想往外飞,现在好了,到了一个陌生的地方,又想念以前每天碰见却毫不察觉的东西了!马来西亚腔、食物(Milo!! 我可是天天早上喝的啊!)、英文......  以前都觉得马来西亚腔非常的不标准,现在又觉得台湾人说活... 那么嗲干吗啊?!


There is one lonely cat in the house I rent.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Can't help feeling super excited to the max about successfully get a chance to practise internship in TAIWAN!! (好长的句子念完直接窒息)




Thursday, January 16, 2014





Architecture这系呢,有一个最主要的course: Architectural Design Studio,  单这个sem就占了六个credit hour, 所以每个assignment都....非常非常的重要,也非常非常难得到高分..... 每次的assignment都是这样的:设计一个建筑物,一堆design process,最后final model, presentation boards, presentation!

老实说, 最痛苦的部分就是画board了,永远都画不完似的,presentation前一天永远是不眠不休,然后带着熊猫眼直接上场,还得抵得住教授们的毒舌抨击...... 

所以啊,不是我自大,(室友们都羡慕我考试前也能睡得那么香)考试对我来说真的没太大问题,读不完也能上考场,上了考场做不完也能得分,而presentation.... 做不完就直接不。及。格。不及格了还得留级.... 所以这科的presentation是我的恶梦!!! 


我做的梦就是.... 在等着要做presentation!很惨的是,我忘了带正式的服装,然后又发现有东西没画完,然后其中一个jugdes是我最怕的教授,然后排我前面那位朋友present了好久都没说完........ 又急又慌的心情害我醒转了几次,睡回去了却仍逃不出那恶梦! 最后.... 就任命的爬起来了.... 我猜啊,大概是老天爷嫌我睡太多了,于是使这招让我不得不醒来吧!


我 final presentation 的 board+model~~~


Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'll tear him to pieces

He knows nothing but lies. He says nothing but lies.

He lies.
He cheats.
He commits plagiarism.
And he steals.

He stole from the rare one who treated him like a real friend.

And there is no shame nor regrets from him.


Saturday, May 25, 2013


First time in my life to actually finish an english noveL! It was “The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom~

Everything was a coincident.

If there were no 1 M'sia Book Vouchers, if my brother did not ask me to buy novel using the last RM50 voucher, if I did not wait for my friends who were wandering in Kinokuniya, if the novels was not easy to be comprehended... I would never try to finish any english novel.
The story line was fine. But the technique of writing a story that made me couldn't stop reading it until the very last sentence was terrifying! Every plot ended in suspense and I just couldn't help wondering what was going to happen next.

Somehow, there is something in it reminds me of 九把刀. Have 九把刀 ever written anything like this?